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Highly Advanced Technology Capable of:
Cleaning up trash in remote locations
  Prevent opening new landfills and or use old landfills
  Clean up tires, batteries, cars, metals, refrigerators, etc
  Clean up all other garbage floating to our islands
  Take care of household & industrial hazardous wastes
  GO GREEN - waste to promote health & tourism
  Full Recycling Facility
  Creation of Energy & valuable bi-products

HIES's Melting Technology originates from steel manufacturing plants. It rids all trash without releasing poisonous gas into the atmosphere.

The smelter section is the incinerator which is capable of melting at extremely high temperatures and melts all trash without the need for recycling-separation or hazardous waste measures.

Recycling-separation is now concidered out of date. The melting technology melts everything and creates through the process residuals which can be recycled and also creates an energy source.

plastics, oil, tires, rubber, wood, etc
  Incombustible: metals, liquids, soils
  Sewage Sludge & medical wastes:
contaminated sludge, bacteria, needles, hazardous items
  Industrial Waste: building
materials, chemicals, paints
  Remediation: contaminated soils, metals, chemicals, hazardous materials
  Items in old landfills to clean & reuse the landfills

Wastes are melted into recyclable metal and slag, then can be sold. Unlike conventional incineration methods, the only post-incineration residue is fly ash, which significantly reduces the volume of materials that go to a landfill. With the melting system, items going into landfills are only ash which is less than 1% of typical dumping. Old landfills and dumpsites can be remediated for future land use by employing this technology.

  Safe dioxin levels
  All gases are processed to safe levels
  No or minimual toxin into atmosphere
  No foul odor

Generated energy is captured and can be utilized for the electrical power consumption and hot water supply of the facility. The facility can then sell half of the generated electricity to regional power companies.


Melts all wastes at extreme temperatures:

  Biological, hazardous, industrial, metals, liquids
  Very little to no dioxin release
  Returns Land & Landfills to safe conditions:
    Processes old hazardous waste
    Re-opens old landfill for future usage
  Complete Recycling facility: creates energy & slag
from all wastes which can then be sold